All you need to know about EMS training

the biggest trend in fitness industry

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation

This method has been highly popular in physiotherapy for many years
and now has entered the fitness world.

Woman in EMS training suit

How does it work?

The device generates the impulses that are delivered to the skin surface through the special electrodes to stimulate the muscles. The impulses make the muscles contract and relax. So they simulate their natural movement but bring much better results, such as:
● dynamic muscle growth,
● fast fat reduction,
● better posture,
● more nerve connections.

All of this over 3 times faster than during the regular training.

With Innline EMS training device you need only two short trainings a week to achieve great results.

Woman in EMS training suit

Why this type of training pays off?

Is more effective
& time-saving

One 30-minute training with EMS brings equal effects like 90 minutes of regular training.

Increases calorie burning capacity

Wondering how many calories can you burn during the 30-min. EMS training? Even 1200kcal!


Your body works better even outside the training room so the effects are even more impressive.

Speeds up
the muscle growth

The impulse send by the electrodes goes straight to the major muscle groups in your body.


Full-body workout with EMS results in smooth, supple and silky skin and self-esteem higher than ever.

Helps to get

With EMS you can target selected muscle groups and speed up the recovery.

the posture

You can choose which muscle groups to train to compensate for any disproportions.

Is 100% safe
for your health

You do not load joints and stretch your tendons. The risk of injury is minimized.

Is diverse

With EMS you never get bored, because you can practice at the gym, in the open or in your own apartment.

Is suited
to your needs

You decide when and where you train and which parts of the body you want to work on.

How to use EMS training devices?

Practice is the best way to learn. That is why we encourage you to take part in one of our training courses, conducted by the best specialists.

  • You will learn the history of the EMS method development.
  • You will master the functionality of training system.
  • You will learn to conduct a training unit with EMS.

And many more…

Innline Academy offers six types of training courses.

Pick the one you need.

The Innline EMS system is widely used.

This type of training is perfect for:


those who want to be in a good shape

people recovering from injuries

those who want to reduce the tension

your clients

Is EMS training safe?

The research clearly indicates that the EMS training results in the improvement of the body build and has the effect of easing the tension. In addition, it is a completely safe method because the generated impulses have the same frequency as the ones naturally produced by the human brain. The fact that it does not weigh the joints up enables the use of this form of training for both athletic and physically non-active people.

source: W. Kemmler, S. von Stengel, K. Engelke, L. Haberle, J. L. Mayhew, and W. A. Kalender, “Exercise, body composition, and functional ability: a randomized controlled trial,” American Journal of Preventive Medicine, vol. 38, no. 3, pp. 279–287, 2010.

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    Find out more about Innline EMS training devices

    The basic wireless kit combines of a control panel, transmitter (with a battery), customizable suit, sprinkler and a clothing disinfectant.

    Control panels


    We have different, wireless and mobile devices – perfect for those who want to train one,  two or more  people simultaneously. There are many configurations to explore, whichever option you choose.

    Control panel features:

    • PT 11″ – PRO 21,5″ display
    • three types of pulses: bipolar, positive, negative
    • impulse up to 125 Hz
    • enables wireless training
    • defined & individual training programs
    • software updates are free of charge
    • 24 months guarantee

    If you want to train in your facility on PRO devices from 1 to 6 people simultaneously, check our line of PRO devices:

    • EMS Innline Pro
    • EMS Innline Pro Full

    EMS box 2.0 (transmitter)


    Transmitter receives the impulse from the control panel and sends it to the electrodes in the suit and then the signal is transmitted to particular muscle parts. That is how it works.

    The device can be placed in three points on the belt what guarantees mobility and freedom of exercise.

    EMS box 2.0 features:

    • replaceable battery
    • magnetic, 10 times faster connection
    • perfect shape, small size & low weight
    • 12 monts guarantee

    The new battery allows for a 6-hour continuous training.

    Last but not least – the suit

    Ergonomic, innovative, comfortable.
    A training suit adjusted to the user’s needs.
    Produced from the very first component to the final product in Europe.

    22 muscle stimulation points

    shorter training time while keeping visible effects

    Unisex suit

    lower investment cost


    the possibility of personalization the suit adjustment to the brand

    Additional calf stimulation

    for the perfect leg training

    Magnetic connection

    More comfort, faster connection, low weight and size

    Independent stimulation of biceps and triceps muscles

    higher training efficiency and faster muscle development

    Individual combinations

    the possibility of the size of top and bottom of the outfit adjustments

    Innovative electrodes

    big innovative electrodes well-matched to the body, available in two alternative designs

    Exchangeable operating elements

    significantly reduced costs of use