Business Package 4.0

Complete support in one place

Installing Innline EMS into your facility shows your commitment, offering the best ways to enhance your plan of care, so you’ll attract new customers, keep existing ones, and unlock growth opportunities.

But to make sure your business works well, we created complete support in one place, which is called Innline Business Package 4.0

Our support starts with your first contact with us.


Individual training course
– How to Start

Have you considered how interesting the EMS business can be, but you’re not sure how to start? Trust the proven solutions that we have already introduced to our customers. We have already equipped over 500 locations and we know how to adjust the business model to local conditions.

We carry out individual consultations — in which you will learn how to start your EMS business. No matter if you live in America, Europe, Asia or Australia – consultations can be held online, but we can also meet and talk.

Design your studio

Thanks to our proven solutions around the world, we will advise you on how to properly prepare your studio space with EMS. The innline studio concept is very often used by our customers because it facilitates organization and operation. You don’t have to use the whole concept – you can take inspiration from a few elements that you think are right for your idea!

Access to
a Partner Portal

We have created Innline portal to make it easier for our Partners to access all Innline marketing materials. Thanks to this, you can download, read and use all the materials that are on the portal at any time of day.

When you join to our #innlinefamily, you will get an individual account, giving you unlimited access to innline materials.

to research

We pay a lot of attention to science and development. That is why for many years we have been cooperating with the Medical University in Poznan in order to develop our products in a good direction but most importantly – safely.

We have a database of more than 200 scientific studies on EMS training and share them with our Partners.

of materials

On the innline portal – you will find hundreds of materials to conduct effective marketing onnline and offline. You will find such materials as posters, brochures, photos, promotional videos, tutorials etc.

Creating your branding
and visualisation

We’ll help you create your brand from scratch.

In the era of competitive services, you need to be able to communicate with your customers in a coherent and effective way.

We will propose solutions for creating an appropriate website, as well as show you how to effectively run social media.

We’ll help you
hire staff

If you plan to open a larger studio where you will also have employees, it is worth to think about it as soon as possible. The biggest challenge in successful business is the employees. We know that.

That is why we have prepared for you – ready-made solutions – how to attract good and effective employees. We will show you what to pay attention to while hiring new employees and help you choose the right personnel.

Generate value
for investors



of your studio

We’ll help you create your brand from scratch.

We will help you implement solutions that are proven to manage your studio. We will show you what to pay attention to at the beginning, but also advise what to do to maximize profits with good organization of the studio.

EMS Training courses

As the main producer in wireless EMS equipment, our Academy sets the standard for EMS education. With specialist Academy training programs, you and your staff will be equipped with the skills to provide personalised, progressive programs so each and every client enjoys the benefits of Innline EMS training.

We know how important training for clients is to enable them to develop their businesses.

That is why we have created Innline Academy thanks to which we have trained over 600 certified EMS trainers. Training takes place at various levels.

Supporting Your Investment

Innline equipment is your investment in quality, performance and durability. We’re as committed to making sure your

business gets the most from our equipment as you are to helping your cusotmers.

We’ll support you at every stage, helping to train your staff and offering you marketing support to create buzz about the addition of Innline to your business.

Customer support

Our huge advantage is customer support before and after sale. We know how important it is, that’s why our team consists of specialists who are able to act very quickly.
All service deliveries are considered on the same or the next business day, which is why customers feel full support and can develop their businesses in a safe way.

Worldwide 24h

Our devices are all over the world. That is why we are pleased that customers appreciate the quality and service care.

We are constantly developing our distribution network to be able to deliver the product to anywhere in the world.

The fitness market appreciates us

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FIT-EXPO Poznan 2017, Gold Medal Winner

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