Meet Innline EMS PT

The basic wireless kit combines of a control panel, transmitter (with a battery),
customizable suit, sprinkler and a clothing disinfectant.

Wireless and mobile device – perfect for those who want to train up to four people simultaneously. You can set up your own configuration best suited to your needs.

Control panel features:

  • 11″ display
  • three types of pulses: bipolar, positive, negative
  • impulse up to 125 Hz
  • enables wireless training
  • defined & individual training programs
  • software updates are free of charge

EMS Innline PT

Training for up to four people

Thanks to the wireless connection, you can train from 1 to 4 people at the same time. This will allow you to increse your revenue and, most importantly, increase your attractiveness for clients who like to train in small group classes.

11’’ display

The weight and size of the control panel is designed to give you maximum mobility and comfort while you train your customer. Thanks to this, training in the studio, at home or outdoors is carried out in a comfortable conditions for the trainer and the client.

Magnetic connection

We have created a magnetic connection to make it easy for customer exercise comfortably.
Fast connection, easy to put on, lightweight connector makes the EMS training very easy to perform and use.

Impulse bipolar, positive and negative

Bipolar pulses are most effective in EMS training. The impact of bipolar impulses generates very good training effects in a relatively short time. Positive and negative impulses are used in physiotherapy. It is an ideal tool for trainers who want to help clients during the rehabilitation process.

Frequency up to 125hz

Adequate pulse power makes the training effective after the first session and thanks to the individual parameters the customer can use the potential of the device even after many years of training EMS.

Outdoor training

You don’t have to train your clients only in the studio. Thanks to the outdoor function, you can take them to places where they will experience much more interesting EMS training. Customers love it.

Individual program

Every customer is different. That’s why we know how important the individual training program on our device is. This allows you to maximize the effects and customers appreciate the quality and efficiency and the fact that they are trained individually depending on the level of skill.

Unisex suits

You don’t have to invest a lot to make your business work well. The highest quality suits we manufacture 100% in Europe. You don’t have to own two suits of the same size for a woman and a man. Thanks to unisex suits you reduce investment costs.

If you want to train more than two people simultaneously, check out also:

EMS Innline PRO

EMS Innline PRO Full

Why is it worth to invest in Innline EMS PT

It’s innovative & beautifully designed training device produced in Europe.

You can train with one or two people at once.

It’s perfect for personal trainers and physiotherapists.

You can conduct the workout wherever you want.

You can buy it or you can rent* it – it’s up to you.

*Applies to selected countries – ask for details.

All software updates are free of charge.

Operating costs are really low.

Instant service and device replacement guaranteed.

Calculate your income.

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    EMS box 2.0

    We are proud that we introduced a new EMS box 2.0 Thanks to the magnetic connection, the use is even better and more comfortable.

    • New technology allows 10 times faster connection.
    • The new battery allows you to train up to 6 hours a day and is fully removable. That’s why you can use ems receiver all day without having to put it on separate charge.
    • Perfect shape, small size and low weight make it the most technologically advanced product on the market.

    Innline EMS system has achieved CE Marking (Conformité Européene) indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

    The fitness market appreciates us

    FIT-EXPO Poznan 2015, Gold Medal Winner

    FIT-EXPO Poznan 2017, Gold Medal Winner

    FIT-EXPO Poznan 2018, Gold Medal Winner

    FIWE Warsaw Expo 2014, Gold Medal Winner

    Golden Acanthus 2017 & 2018 for Design & Branding

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      Innline EMS training devices

      glowna_produkt_pt-1 kopia

      EMS Innline PT

      Dedicated to professional trainers who want to train with one or two people simultaneously.

      PRO Innline

      EMS Innline PRO

      Available in both mobile and stationary version. Enables training with six people at once.


      EMS Innline PRO

      The wireless kit consisted of two devices: PT & PRO.

      Last but not least – the suit

      Ergonomic, innovative, comfortable.
      A training suit adjusted to the user’s needs.
      Produced from the very first component to the final product in Europe.

      22 muscle stimulation points

      shorter training time while keeping visible effects

      Unisex suit

      lower investment cost


      the possibility of personalization the suit adjustment to the brand

      Additional calf stimulation

      for the perfect leg training

      Magnetic connection

      More comfort, faster connection, low weight and size

      Independent stimulation of biceps and triceps muscles

      higher training efficiency and faster muscle development

      Individual combinations

      the possibility of the size of top and bottom of the outfit adjustments

      Innovative electrodes

      big innovative electrodes well-matched to the body, available in two alternative designs

      Exchangeable operating elements

      significantly reduced costs of use