Innline wireless EMS devices

Discover the Innline solutions, that provides EMS technology to 58 countries worldwide.

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Innline EMS training devices

Urządzenie PT same Innline

EMS Innline PT

Wireless and mobile EMS device, perfect for trainers who want to simultaneously train one to four people with their clients at the same time.


EMS Innline PRO

Stationary EMS device, dedicated to EMS studios, fitness clubs and other sports centers with the ability to train from 1 to 6 people at a time.

Innline PRO Full


A package of two independent EMS devices. Giving maximum profits for your business. Train from 1 – to 10 people in two independent locations.



Ultra-thin and comfortable EMS suit for individual use, no hydration required, with a perfect fit, giving you an amazing EMS training experience.



Become an International certified EMS trainer. We provide both online and in-studio courses tailored to your needs and skill level at Innline Academy.

Our Mission

Fitness is our passion and businesses building is our everyday life.
Our main objective is introducing innovations into the fitness world.

That is why we design and manufacture, all in Europe, the most modern solutions in EMS. Nothing is impossible for us and we prove that the quality does not have to cost a lot, and it goes together with fantastic effects that can be achieved instantly under the guidance of professionals.

Find out more about our  wireless EMS training devices and invest in the best fitness equipment available.


Why do you need EMS training in your offer?

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) proved to be very useful in physiotherapy many years ago. Now it has a vide appeal also in the fitness industry because it’s highly effective.

EMS training:

  • boosts muscle growth
  • reduces fat tissue
  • improves posture
  • is time-saving
  • is safe for the health

Find out more about Innline EMS training equipment:


The Innline EMS system is widely used


Those who want to
be in a good shape

People recovering
from injuries

Those who want to
reduce the tension

Those who want
save time

All your

The Innline EMS system is widely used


Those who want to
be in a good shape

People recovering
from injuries

Those who want to
reduce the tension

Those who want
save time

All your

Our offer is designed for:

Personal Trainer

Discover solutions
for Personal Trainers.

EMS Studio

EMS training excercise
Discover solutions
for EMS studios.


Discover solutions
for Physiotherapists.

Home version

Discover solutions
for home use.

We are global

You can find Innline Partners all over the world.

Worldwide distribution

Our devices are all over the world. That is why we are pleased that customers appreciate the quality and service care. We are constantly developing our distribution network to be able to deliver the product to anywhere in the world.

Fast delivery

We know how important delivery time is today. That is why we manufacture all parts in Europe. Our warehouse is stocked up, which is why we are able to deliver devices to any place in the world in a very short time.

Customer support

Our huge advantage is customer support before and after sale. We know how important it is, that’s why our team consists of specialists who are able to act very quickly.

24h worldwide service

We know how important service support is on the EMS market. All service deliverys are considered on the next business day, which is why customers feel full support and can develop their businesses in a safe way.

The fitness market appreciates us

FIT-EXPO Poznan 2015, Gold Medal Winner

FIT-EXPO Poznan 2017, Gold Medal Winner

FIT-EXPO Poznan 2018, Gold Medal Winner

FIWE Warsaw Expo 2014, Gold Medal Winner

Golden Acanthus 2017 & 2018 for Design & Branding

But more importantly, our partners appreciate us

Innline is an example of proper cooperation with the client. Innline stands out with the ability to meet deadlines and customer-orientation. Professional approach to cooperation, extensive experience, flexibility and assistance at all times are invaluable assets of Innline team, confirming their reliability and openness.

Marta Deredas, Studion Fit O’Clock Lodz

When I decided to start my own EMS studio, I knew that the key issue was a good selection of equipment. I made reliable research of available devices on the market and I verified each of them for the most important parameters for me. Innline turned out to be the best – it has a modern design, intuitive panel, great coveralls, strong pulse feel and wireless connection. I recommend!

Kinga Grodzka, EMSESSION Studio, Warsaw

There are more success stories! Learn about our EMS wireless system and read more opinions of qualified professionals.

We support athletes

We are proud and pleased to announce that,
in the 2020/2021 season, we are the title
sponsor of Innline AZS Poznań – the first-league handball team.

It will be a good season on the handball courts!